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Statement of the Left Party against the ongoing deportations of the Obama administration

Statement of the Left Party, United States
On Monday, January 4, 2016, as part of the implementation of the Obama Administration’s immigration policies, the United States Department of Homeland Security (D.H.S.) boldly announced that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) had arrested 121 people over New Year’s weekend, people who will shortly face deportation. These raids mark the initiation of a concerted national effort on the part of I.C.E. to rid the U.S. of Central American refugees—mostly families with young children—who have crossed the southern border since May of 2014 in flight from violence in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. The removal of recent immigrants who have been denied refugee status is one of the three priorities of Obama´s Priority Enforcement Program. At present, the Salvadoran government refuses to accept the return of 22 deportees, demanding that they receive full due process for political asylum in the U.S. It is worth noting that of the first batch of immigrants returned earlier this year—many of them teenagers— some were executed.These raids, despite the relatively low numbers involved, have also rippled through the race for President of the United States. Donald Trump, the anti-immigrant bigot who is the current front-runner for the Republican nomination, was quick to take credit for these increased attacks. As part of his continuing effort to prevent voters with moderately progressive tendencies from deserting the Democratic ticket, Democratic Party Dark Horse and nominal socialist Bernie Sanders condemned the raids. Meanwhile, presumed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton acted through a spokesperson of Mexican descent to distance herself from the Obama Administration in order to shore up the vote amongst Latino voters, while leaving open the possibility to adopt a more reactionary immigration policy when she needs to pander to racist voters later this year. In other words, there are no real friends and plenty of bitter enemies to the immigrant community in both parties of big business.Quite understandably, a wave of terror is sweeping through the immigrant community at large in the U.S. Refugee-seeking immigrants have been subject to the “rocket dockets”, a Obama Administration judicial innovation, self-heralded as a more humane approach to immigration proceedings, that guarantees immigrants who have been detained that face deportation speedy processes, which have placed children who are as young as six years old who don’t speak English on trial before judges on video screens without legal representation. Another “humane” alternative to detention applied by I.C.E. has been the widespread use of ankle bracelet monitoring in order to force immigrants to attend their hearings. The bracelets are not only de-humanizing, they also have proven to be health risks for people who have skin inflammations from having them put on too tightly.The widely announced raids against refugees with removal orders announced at the end of last year were meant to prove to the world that the U.S has a functional system of immigration control. However, the raids have provoked wider panic because the immigrant community knows that the Obama administration, despite having lowered the number of deportations, has already deported millions of non-criminal immigrants in the last eight years. Continue reading