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Internationl Left Review is a project published by Izquierda Internacional, Comité formado by Left Party, (USA) and Organización Izquierda Revolucionario (OIR) (Argentina)

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International Left is aimed at developing a revolutionary socialist organization of workers, the oppressed, and youth.

We believe that a revolution that does not result in greater democratic guarantees for the oppressed sectors of society is doomed. That is why we place extremely high value on the principle of internal democracy, as well as the principle of organic solidarity with the mass movement in other countries. ( Capitalism and imperialism must be replaced by a more advanced economic and political system. Bourgeois rule must be replaced by the rule of the working class and the oppressed. If we do not shortly inaugurate a new epoch of growth for social justice with technological, political and economic advancement for the entire human race, the present system will drag all of us backwards to barbarism.

The rule of capitalism is dragging the planet into an ecological crisis. The productive forces unleashed by nature are now in question. Peak oil, global warming, the disputes over everyday needs such as water, the systematic destruction of vast forests, the approaching danger of melting polar ice caps, disasters created by profit motivated enterprises such as at Bhopal, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and now Fukushima are just some of the most well known destructive events resulting from the recklessness of the ruling class. Without breathable air, sanitary water, arable land, co-operation between human beings and more, we will be left without a planet to live on.

This economic system that is destroying the planet cannot be reformed. It must be replaced. Ruling classes and economic and political systems do not fall. They are overthrown. This is no easy task. A mass movement must be active in the streets and workplaces alike. A program must be developed to address the necessary changes in society. An organization must be built to effectively confront the power of the ruling class.

The question of what kind of organization we need is very much a question of strategy. We need a new type of left organization. We need one based on the working class, which will promote the mobilization of the mass movement, that will not aspire to impose its own rule, but the rule of the working class and the oppressed through their own democratic institutions of direct representation and power.

This organization can neither limit its work to the electoral nor to extra-parliamentarian activities. It must see all forms of struggle as tactics useful in increasing the education, mobilization and organization of the working class and its allies. Agitating in parliament, demonstrating on the streets, striking in the workplace… all of these forms of activity and more must be combined.

This organization can have no interest apart from the interests of the international working class and the oppressed, no objective other than those that contribute to the organization and continuing mobilization of these sectors of society and the construction of their institutions.This organization is not the end product of its work, but simply a tool to help move vast resources against capitalism and for a new, democratic socialist society. ( We understand that the organization is not the embryo of a new society, but an instrument of revolutionary politics, a transitory tool, not an end in itself. The party must wither away with the state when capitalism and imperialism are overcome.

The questions of war and peace; fascism and revolution; racism or full equality; colonialism, imperialism and national liberation; class struggle or class collaboration; revolution or counter-revolution; capitalism or socialism; socialism or barbarism … continue to be the central points, the choices of human civilization, the theoretical challenges of the left, the center of every practical activity of revolutionaries.

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