May 2011 Issue

Internationl Left Review is a project published by Izquierda Internacional, a committee formed by Left Party, (USA) and Organización Izquierda Revolucionaria – OIR (Argentina)

The End of the US Empire   By Anastasia Gomez

Montezuma’s Revenge   By Carlos Petroni

The Theft of Mexican Territories, US Imperialism is born   By Jorge Suarez


Collapse of US Industries May Bring the Empire to its Knees   By Carmen Lampago

EUROPE -The Fall of Rome, Constantinople and the Holy Empire: Brussels Trembles    By Nicolas Barros


Uprising of the Masses in North Africa and the Arabic World   Editorial

Shallow Populism: Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia   By Pili Rosales

Japan´s Nuclear Catastrophe   By Carlos Petroni

Argentina: Tango & Rock ’n Roll   By Nicolas Barros

Brazil: Born to be Empire   By Gino Pepi


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